Erring On Side Of Caution If Backers Back Away

Getting Legal advice before submitting any claims is critical.  As a case officer in employment law, I often had folk  ask if they should carry on with a case or not – being banned from appearing to give any advice at all, I couldn’t help.  I always suggested checking their comprehensive household insurance for legal […]

Stories Of Malpractices In Tower Tragedy

There is currently the tragic but necessary formal enquiry into the big london tower block fire that took the country into a state of shock this time last year.  A huge fire swept through a large tower block, all started by a condemned fridge that one of the tenants had not eplaced – this was […]

Celebrity Cases Brings New Status To Court Life

There have been some fantastically eye catching court cases involving massively popular celebrities lately.  In fact I don’t recall a year like it.  The cases seem to fall in to two distinct camps.  On the one side there are a couple of tragically sad personal melt downs where the celebrity has been seriously daft and […]

Newgate Nightmares Linger Still On Walking Tour

On a recent stopover in the City,  I was able to take up one of the many fantastic walking tours.  I chose a walk taking in the law courts, particularly the history surrounding the Old bailey.  This looks pretty modern on the outside and for the casual observer, doesn’t necessary stand out as the single […]

Non Celebrity Claims Benefit From Insurance Backing

There has been so much in the news lately about different abuse scandals and news reports on dubious activity in the world of heatre and cinema.  All the well known names we have got used to following are coming out of the woodwork either accusing someone or defending themselves against accusers.   All these cases will […]

Top Legal Eagles Win fight With Industry Toughie

Having worked in legal case work, I have always been drawn to any reports of court cases and particularly employment tribunal issues to be doubly interesting.  It was with great satisfaction (secret of course) that I heard about a very important case recently involving a huge company with mixed clarity when it comes to their […]

Alcohol Prices Determined By Law

In the news at the moment there are all kinds of features about legal matters.   One today has been a ruling sent down from the Supreme Court which rejected an appeal from opposition to the scottish parliament’s desire to bring in a minimum level for the price of alchohol.  This does seem a rather strange […]

Employment Law Claims Need Legal Advice

Employment law changes have really been slow coming through since the biggest major change in 2013.  Lots of changes cam about then – including the intoduction of Fees to bring a claim in the trinunal.  It was quite hefty too for a complex claim with more than one jurisdiction.  For example, unfair dismissal claims are […]

Gunpowder Plot – Major Legal Objection

Remember, remember the 5th of november, gunpowder treason and plot . . .. . . .   gosh if there was ever a case for really understanding the laws of the land, this half baked plot must be it.  At this time of year we tend to overlook the penny for the guy kind of pocket […]

Old Rumpole Knew His Law

Getting a training contract to become a solictor or a barrister is the most complicated and challenging thing that a law student can possibly have a go at.  Having spent years achieving the best possible in law, the next few hurdles can be a shock.  It is not possible to become a barrister without going […]