Accuracy Of Legal Info Makes Or Breaks Cases

When I worked for a government department heavily involved with legal matters, there were always hand books and guides that were imperative to the way the judiciary metered out the justice.  We used to received packs of updates where one would take out a particular section and replace it, carefully noting the references etc. on the accompanying guide.  Woh betide the hapless clerk who took the wrong pages out or didn’t remove the outdated ones.  There was generally hell to pay as a member of the judiciary could well be looking up a particular legal position and find the wrong information.  This of course can render a court case unsafe or unsound and be a complete waste of tax payers’ money.  The seriousness of this was often mentioned in the daily team briefings.   The judiciary are appointed by the Lord Chancllor from the stock of barristers QCs – they are not employed as such.  It’s a completely different arrangement.