Civil & Common Law Encompass Such Differences

Knowing the different types of law in the country you reside is not always the first thing you think of but it can be very useful.  The legal systems in the UK have very different divisions.  There is a clear difference between civil law and common law.  The latter is a system used generally in most English speaking parts of the globe having been established by the subject matter heard in earlier cases which thus becomes common practice and thus the law =, created by judges.  The origins go back to the reign of Henry II back in the latter half of 1100s.  Many of the existing local customary laws were replaced by new national ones, which by applying to all, became ‘common to all – common law’.    Judges working in common law have more authority to interpret law but are bound by precedents.The civil law side holds legislation as the primary source of law and the outcome of cases is unbound by precedent and composed of judges with limited authority intepreting the law.  There are no independent juries but sometimes volunteer lay judges participate.