Clarifying The Levels Of Criminal Law

Most families will only ever need to consult a solicitor for dealng with their house conveyancing.  Very few of us actually have to get involved with the law in any other guise.  There may be the odd occasion when a dispute arises and someone ends up on the wrong side of the law.  There are various levels of the law, criminal for example is dealt with through Magistrates Courts;  Crown Courts or Youth Courts.   Criminal cases start life in a magistrates court being heard by 2 or 3 magistrates or a district judge – there is no jury at magistrate level.   Cases here will include summary offnces for xample, most mororing offences;  minor criminal damage and common assault which does not involve serious injury to any party).   Magistrates also deal with more serious offences such as burglaries and drugs offences – these are considered to be ‘either way’ and can be heard at either Magistrate or Crown Court level.   Magistrates courts always pass sthe most serious crimes straight to Crown court and these include murder, rape and robbery as they’re known as indictable offences