Contracts Of Employment – A Legal Requirement

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There are many things that can cause a problem in the world of employment.  Bad behaviour by the employee and not carrying out the work outlined and agreed and and failings in stipulated timekeeping.  The need to comply with the firm’s codes of conduct and practice form the basis of the contract of employment.  It is a legal requirement for all firm’s, however small, to provide a contract of employment which clearly states the contractural hours of paid employment; any unpaid lunch breaks; paid annual leave and arrangements for family emergency leave; how much notice required on either side to terminate employment etc. etc.  The contract often involves the code of conduct as the basis for guidance on what is considered fair and proper behaviour and actually completing the work expected of the employee.  It also expressly outlines the employer responsibilities too.  An employee must always ask for their contract of employment as soon as they start working for that employer.