Conveyancing Lawyers A Critical ‘Must Have’

There can be very few things that frighten folk as much as buying and selling property – for the first one or two times.  Things are different in Scotland and the rest of the UK – it’s even more critical to ensure you have the right information, funds, insurances etc. before even thinking about looking at properties.  Your word is  your bond a lot more easily there than down here and the need for scrupulously honest legal teams is more important than ever.  The very first thing an estate agent asks nowadays, wherever you’re looking for property is “who’s your solicitor”.   In most cases when you buy a new property, the housing developer will offer some sort of incentive deal to buyers – paying some if not all of the buyer’s legal fees on their purchase for example.  No reputable agent will make a start on any house purchase without knowing the buying party has definitely got a legal team on board.