Knowing If A Property Has Changed Hands Often

If you want to know the sales history of houses in a particular locality, the Land Registry is the place to enquire.  Until fairly recently, you’d have to write to their district office but it’s much easier now – all on line.   Over the road from me there are two families who rent the properties they currently live in.   Two national estate agents list all the Land Registry lists of every property sold within the previous six months, together with the final sales price and helpfully,  the history of sales of the same property going back to around the year 2001, presumably the time when electronic records began.  There can be several changes of owner on some properties.  Take the houses opposit me – I interrogated the local agent’s web site and checked over Houses Sold – nothing listed for either house which suggests that the original owners still own and the neighbours just rent them.     It’s helpful to know if a house has been sold more often than any of its neighbours – gives a heads up that maybe there’s a problem with it.