Learning Your Way Round The Judicial System

The legal system in England and Wales  is served via HM Courts and Tribunals Service.  It is one of the most respected systems the world over and each year many judges from other countries keenly attend to learn our renowned Judicial system.   What we have today has evolved over the last 1000  years and yet is continually changing and adapting to meet the needs of society. It is respected greatly for being totally independent.   There is a fantastic visitors’ guide been produced over the years to clearly illustrate the work of all the organisations that make up the judiciary system, from the Ministry of Justice and Crown Prosecution Service and all the layers that make up the whole.

For anyoe thinking of a career in the legal system, it helps to have an idea of the various courts.  At the very top is the Supreme Court which only deals with appeals, and these can only be on points of law.  Below that is the Appeal Court, High Court and Circuits.    The law is a fascinating world and provides many thousands of careers within it.  Knowing where you want to be is the key!