Lots Of Cases Come Before The Family Division

Despite our departure from the EU, the UK is still recognised as a truly world leader in terms of our lawmaking and handling of those laws in practice.    Our legal system still operates the same wktht he lowest tiers containing Magistrates’ Court which holds trials for moth criminal offences and some civil matters in which magistrates and district judges preside.  Then ther are Contry Courts in which circuit judges, recorders, district justes and deputies sit.  The final lower one is Family Division which deals with family cases and at which all levels of the judiciary up to High Court judges sit.   This last one deals with the most difficult and sensitive of situations that invove familes in the case of divorce and resulting disputes over any children, properties and of course money.  Adoption and wardship or guardianship over a child are also handled in the family courts. The Family division also seals with undisputed probate cases whch is the legal recognition of a the validity of a will.