Supreme System For Ultimate Appeal Resolution

We still have one of the fairest legal and justice systems the world over – despite much of the news showing protests about this and that.  The basis of ou legal system and metering out of justice remains fair and unbending.    When a case goes through the various stages and reaches court, many times the loser will not accept the findings and takes another go, via the appeal system.  If this fails too, the next and final stage will be the Supreme Court which plays a critical part in the development of UK law.   This court hears appeals only on arguable points of law that are considered of general public interest.  In fact it concentrates on cases with the greatst public and constitutional gravity.   It’s role as a leader in the common law world is maintained by being the highest courts in the UK.    The Supreme Court hears appeals from Civil Division, Criminal Division and in limited cases, the High Court in England and Wales.  The courts hears appeals from the Scottish Court of Sessions.  Northern Ireland also is covered.