The British Legal System First Footings

Britain has one of the longest established legal systems in the world.  After much grumbling by the knights and aristocracy in the time of King John the upshot was the drawing up and signing of the Magna Carta in 1215.  We all know the date, we all know it was signed at Runnymede in lovely leafy Surrey.  What we don’t usually know is how significant that action turned out to be.  The actual legal system that formulated from the signing came into being around 1267 and made way for altering how the monarch ruled.  Going from Absolute in their own right to make and break rules, it paved the way for legal parliaments and the handing of law making to elected people.    Jurisprudence is the leal system or rather the theory andpractice of the laws as laid down – the setting of bringing accused to trial in a court to administer law and justice is an excellent example.