The Royal Courts Of Gothic Standing

This country has a truly remarkable legal system and it is delivered via the offices of the judiciary.  This is the name given to the various officers of the courts and tribunals.  Magistrates, Recorders, Judges etc.   The top courts are known as the Royal Courts of Justice and the Rolls Buildig.     Until the middle of the 19th century we had large number of completely separate courts all dotted about and around Westminster hall.  As with all such systems formulated and just carried on from a historical background, these courts were not terribly efficient, they were also expensive to operate and very slow when they did.   They were abolished and replaced with one complete Supreme Court of Judicature – a big move supported by  prime ministers Gladstone and Disraeli.   The Royal Courts are housed in a wonderfully dramatic gothic structure down near the Strand in London, having been opened by Queen Victoria in 1882.   The Rolls Building is located in Fetter Lane, very nearby in the City and has a separate but vital life of its own.